Transformation Check ©

The Transformation Check © can be used to measure the energy of an organisation. The Transformation Check © shows where change projects will encounter the greatest resistance, but also where they can achieve the greatest leverage. In this way, impetus can be provided in a targeted manner where the greatest momentum for change exists.

In 70 per cent of change projects, the results fall short of expectations. This is not due to unprofessional project management, but to the unwillingness of employees to take responsibility for the upcoming change.

When we tell people that they have to change, they usually react with resistance. The Transformation Check © makes it possible to transform negative and change-averse energy into positive energy within the organisation. It focuses on the things that work regardless of the situation.

Using a customised questionnaire, it is possible to determine where positive changes are already taking place. This can then be used to develop measures within the company that spread and inspire other people.

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