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Journey to meaningfulness

Very often, well-meant change initiatives fail simply because they cannot be linked with the objectives of the individuals. But if people understand the purpose and – above all – their interest in the transformation, they are more willing to move. But how can we create purpose, if there are not yet any tangible results?

In this webinar, people start on a journey to discover purpose. Based on the U-curve method they learn how they can fully develop their potential in the planned transformation of the company. They discover that they can safely set new horizons and enhance their behaviour schemes. Thus, transformation processes in companies are brought to life.

Leaving the path of activism towards transformation

Many companies operate with an increased activism: we do more and more of the same things, constantly turn faster and faster in the hamster wheel while yet remaining on the same spot. The targeted growth is increasingly being devoured by the companies’ corrosive energy. Real transformation does not take place that way.

In this webinar, leaders, HR Managers and organizational developers learn how to slow down and grow. They learn how to transpose the available energy in their company into a positive transformation. Based on the paradoxical theory of change, they develop different options for action in order to increase their impact in their own environment.

Paths to an agile company

Being agile is an attitude – not a technique. Agile models like SAFE, LESS or Nexus do indeed show us an entrepreneurial framework for agile development. However, it is above all the large-area cultural measures that make an impact.

In this webinar, HR Managers and organizational developers learn with which variables they can start most effectively in order to guide businesses on the way towards being an agile company. They get to know the central issues and will be able to derive suitable indicators for the measurement of the progress. By means of the Company Agilizer, they learn where measures within the company are most rewarding and will be given valuable practical tips for the implementation of these.

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