Workshops for leaders

Our workshops give you the opportunity to tackle specific questions about chosen subjects and exchange with others who are in a similar situation. The workshops usually last half a day from 3 to 6 pm. They take place regularly in selected cities.

For platform clients participation in all workshops is included in the licence fee. Other participants pay a fee of 290.-/session. Please send your registration information to:

Management in VUCA times

Problems cannot be solved with the thinking that created them. That is why traditional management methods in times of increasing volatility, insecurity, complexity and ambiguity (the well-known VUCA acronym) are rather inefficient. Instead of methods aiming at changes within the system, new leadership interventions are required focusing on the system and creating room for new assumptions and behaviours of the management.

In this workshop, managers learn how to escape from the traditional ‘doer’ mentality and to reach a more efficient level, where true changes take place. Using the agilizer, they will receive immediate suggestions for implementation.

Next dates:

16. Juni 2020 – Zürich
17. Juni 2020 – Bern

15. September 2020 – Zürich
16. September 2020 – Basel

8. Dezember 2020 – Zürich
9. Dezember 2020 – Bern

The power of change – overcoming the own boundaries

People generally do not see a reason to change the existing. The things that exist and we already are used to offer protection. We arrange ourselves with a situation and accept restrictions without questioning the true limitations that keep us from moving; without questioning our own assumptions.

The problem is, however, that change takes place – with or without us. If we close the door to it, we can at best react passively but not act constructively. Anyone who learns to approach change constructively can make a much wider use of his or her potential.

In this workshop, people get to the bottom of their own assumptions. You will realize that the limitations that keep us from change can be safely overcome. Not only will you develop your own “map of change” including concrete measures, but you will also learn to implement them in your own environment. This provides you with unexpected access to your untapped potential. You can overcome your own boundaries – for you, for your teams and the entire organization.

Next dates:

17. Juni 2020 – Zürich
18. Juni 2020 – Bern

16. September 2020 – Zürich
17. September 2020 – Basel

9. Dezember 2020 – Zürich
10. Dezember 2020 – Bern

Resilience and energy management

In VUCA times, the success of classic management methods is limited. Thus, the effectiveness of traditional leadership approaches decreases. However, driven by insecurity, the controlling and reporting frequency is rising.

Successful leadership in VUCA times means above all efficient energy management. Whoever succeeds in transforming the ever-increasing pressure in teams into positive energy is able to empower people to exploit their potential without fear. This in turn allows better results with less effort and the opportunity to truly learn from change.

In this workshop, managers learn to know their leadership potential better. They discover what they need to feel secure in themselves, to use the existing strenghths of their teams better and to deal with pressure more effectively. They learn methods to proactively prevent stress and – ideally – to remove the sources of stress completely.

Next dates:

18. Juni 2020 – Zürich
19. Juni 2020 – Bern

17. September 2020 – Zürich
18. September 2020 – Basel

10. Dezember 2020 – Zürich
11. Dezember 2020 – Bern

For platform clients participation in all workshops is included in the licence fee. Other participants pay a fee of 290.-/session. Please send your registration information to:

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