Leadership Check ©

Effective leadership arises when leaders actively fulfil their role and create added entrepreneurial value for the company. The Leadership Check © builds on the actual strengths of a person and puts them in context with effective benefit dimensions.

The Leadership Check © is an individualized 360° feedforward for managers. In contrast to the traditional feedback, the Leadership Check © demands the active co-responsibility of the feedback providers within the improvement process. This makes the Leadership Check © a development measure for teams and organizations.

Based on the leadership principles of a company and on qualitative interviews with the client, a tailor-made 360 ° feedforward system is created for the company. Managers decide for their part who they want to get a feedforward from.

In a second step, an assessment discussion is conducted with the respective manager, in which an individual goal-oriented action plan is established. If desired, the process can lead to a more comprehensive leadership coaching.

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