Strengthening companies

In 70 percent of change projects the results fall short of expectations. This is not due to unprofessional project management, but to the fact that staff are not very willing to deal with the impending change under their own responsibility.

But if they are not convinced that the change makes sense, or the benefit for the company and themselves is small, they will find enough opportunities to withdraw the energy required for the project.

For selfmanagement to be called for in the context of change projects, the organisation must dispose of the corresponding capability to perceive change as something positive. This capability is portrayed in the Transformation Check ©.

Demanding self-responsibility

The Transformation Check © makes it possible to transfer the principle of ‘self-management‘ onto the level of the organisation. It focuses on the principle of ‘self-management‘. It shows not only where change projects run up against the greatest resistance but also where they can achieve the greatest leverage effect. You can then take action where the maximum dynamic for change exists and the sense of self-responsibility of those concerned is greatest.

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