Executive Coaching

Today’s management environment is more unpredictable than ever: speed, complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity increasingly complicate managers‘ lives and hinder the actual work of managing. Executive coaching helps experienced managers to center themselves, better understand their own driving forces and blockages, build on their strengths and get rid of burdens. In this way leadership performance becomes more focused, and less management leads to greater success.


  • Developing the objective in collaboration with the sponsor
  • Establishment of the key development dimensions with the stakeholders, ideally based on a 360° Leadership Check ©
  • Evaluation of pondered gaps with regard to the key development dimensions
  • Systemic coaching of the executive
  • Regular feedback discussions between executive and stakeholder
  • Measurement of the leadership changes achieved, ideally based on a 360° Leadership Check ©
  • Final report to coachee and sponsor
  • Optional: communication of achievement through an own “Encourager-Clip”

Organization and documentation

Each executive coaching with ProMove TM starts with an informal, non-binding meeting with a selected coach. Based on this first session, a contract is created, covering the details of the collaboration.

A typical executive coaching programme consists of between 6 and 8 individual sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each, at the manager’s workplace or in the offices of ProMove TM or its partners worldwide. Where possible, face-to face rather than Skype meetings are preferred.

Each coaching session is transcribed for the candidate by the coach. The transcription contains a summary of what has been achieved, the model discussed and indications of possible additional learning materials, workshops, webinars, homepages etc. In this way the candidate receives throughout the course a unique and individual document, which can be used after the coaching as a basis for further development. The entire process is set down in a final report to the coachee and the sponsor.


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