Our core competence: Shaping transformation

Since 1998, we have empowered more than 100,000 professionals and leaders to successfully shape individual and company-wide transformations.

Our services:


Would you like to become more agile in order to cope better with VUCA? Our organisational coaching sessions develop agile cultures and dynamic organisational formats with you.

Discover how transformation can permeate the whole organisation with our Transformation-Check ©.


Leaders are facing longer-term and more complex challenges. In our bespoke coaching sessions participants learn how to use their full potential and increase their leadership impact.

Discover how to achieve more by leading with less pressure with our tailor-made Leadership-Checks ©.


Would you like to boost your career? We can support you in your career development. If you are currently in the process of professional reorientation we can also support you with our tailor-made outplacement programme. 

Learn how to improve your employability with your Career Check ©.


For each organisational support process, we create a digitalised tool and method box for our clients. This allows all organisational members to try out and experience transformation at their own pace. Over time, a joyful culture of transformation develops in the company, even without the support of ProMove TM.

Why not make your company’s own tool and method box available to your employees?

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