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Birgit Burgaud-Heideking


Graduate psychologist, focus on psychological diagnostics and psychological counseling, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg im Breisgau. 30 years of freelance coach, trainer and business developer in industry, sales and service companies. Many years of experience as a consultant and trainer in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. Focus: Change management.

Philippe Gazagne


Anthropologist (PhD) and certified coach in Narrative Practices® and Human Element®, with over 20 years of experience working with diverse groups and team development. Intervention areas include: team seminars; leadership coaching; organizational health and resource-centered systemic approach; career coaching; communication and emotional intelligence; conflict resolution.

Félix Hauswirth


Trained industrial psychologist (MSc), with over 20 years’ experience in multinational companies in Switzerland (insurance companies, major distributors, production). He has been working in the areas of assessments (SQS) and management development for 10 years. He is also a trainer in companies and an expert for various federal certifications (SVBK / HRSE). He has supplemented his training with a federal patent as a company mentor/coach. He is also used to conducting team workshops as a facilitator.

Thomas Seghezzi

Senior Coach

M.A. HSG (graduate in Business Administration), longstanding management experience in the private sector and international organisations in the areas of education, sports management, business services and event management. Track record of more than 20 years in human resources management, including coaching and responsibility / involvement in major transformation/change projects. Teaching assignments in HR disciplines at university level. Successful co-management own services company during past 14 years.