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Birgit Burgaud-Heideking


Graduate psychologist, focus on psychological diagnostics and psychological counseling, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg im Breisgau. 30 years of freelance coach, trainer and business developer in industry, sales and service companies. Many years of experience as a consultant and trainer in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. Focus: Change management.

Jeanette Cerquone


MBA, Professional Certified Coach, Certified Professional Coactive Coach, in combination with many years of internal and external economic expertise in business development – and operations, consulting/restructuring, POD/HR and as an entrepreneur. Founded 3 successful companies that have accompanied thousands of people in change processes. Consulted more than 130 large, small, national and international companies from ABB to Walt Disney. Focus: Supporting mid-level managers, senior management, board and C-suite in transformation processes and leadership questions.

Christian Hartel


Master of psychology., IGI® Coach, hypno-systemic coach and therapist. Career- & Employability Coach, long-time experience as CEO, coach und psychotherapist in the sectors health, business und sports. stress and trauma: prevention and treatment, leadership: process and development, mental training: amateur- and professional sportmanship.

Michael Kres

Founder and Partner ProMove TM

Dr. oec. (graduate in Business Economics) HSG. Executive Leadership Coach AoEC, founding partner of ProMove TM, of and . Longstanding management experience in the areas of aviation, telecom, services, education and professional development. Focus: Transformation of classical management companies into self-organizing companies. Organisational coaching. Executive and Leadership Coaching. Lecturing activity at universities and advanced education institutions. Broad range of publications on the subjects of «Demographic Shifts», «Employability» and «Courage and Management».

Beatrice Lächler


Master Health Promotion, federal diploma in HR, commercial diploma, certified coach “ZIS” and certified career & employability coach. Longstanding and profound knowledge as Human Resource Business Partner. Recruiting andemployee life cycle activities, HR consulting. Experience: project management and process optimizing within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Focus: Empower people and organisations in change processes.

Natalie Williams


Certified DISG, Scrum Master, certified marketing manager, certified marketing specialist, certified businesswoman, certified resource-orientated coaching and advanced leadership coach. Resource-orientated Coaching and Advanced Leadership Coach and member of the Swiss Coaching Association. Many years of experience in the national and international environment (B2B, B2C) in communication, marketing, consulting, coaching, leadership, career development, training, digitalisation, project and process management in the areas of: Retail, technology software and data, education and training, building technology, industrial packaging and production facilities.