There are lots of coaches. This is why we have developed a unique concept: the pooling of services in the subscription system, which reduces the prices of high-quality services for all participants.


Companies can take out an annual subscription with us. The subscription opens the door to using all our services worldwide, both in person and online, at special conditions:

  • Careers
    Staff at all levels can carry out a non-binding skills assessment. Whether through Career Checkmodular learning contents on our platform or selected webinars in online or live coaching sessions, company staff can look further into their own questions and issues and drive their careers forward autonomously.

    These services are suitable for all employers who wish to highlight career perspectives to their staff and at the same time encourage them to become themselves the drivers of their professional future.
  • Management and self-management
    We support managers at all levels worldwide, in order to increase their effectiveness in times requiring agility. Whether through tailor-made individual or team coaching sessions, 360 leadership feedforwards, selected management methods and webinars on our platform or their integration in Leadership Academies: the online and live support can be adapted anytime and everywhere to your needs.

    These services are suitable for all employers who wish to empower their managers to achieve maximum effectiveness even in times requiring agility.
  • Organisational development and transformation
    We support organisations worldwide in transformation processes. Whether through agile organisational developmenttransformation check, selected transformation methods and webinars on our platform: here too all offers can be used both online and live.

    These services are suitable for organisations that are changing and want to increasetheir impact in increasingly agile markets.

Pooling prices

Our price model is unique. Thanks to the combination of live and online support and the pooling of companies, we are able to achieve economies of scale which we are happy to pass on to our clients. We combine licences and quotas of hours for our clients so that it is the best possible deal for you as our client. The more firms join the pool, the lower the costs for the individual company.

The pooling is open to all organisations that are genuinely interested in change. Firms can join alone, or share their licence and the relevant quota of hours with other companies.

Talk to us. We will be happy to explain the approach to you in detail: by e-mail under info@promovetm.com or by telephone on +41 52 555 05 15.

Number of staffAnnual subscription for 1 companyAnnual subscription for 3 pool companiesAnnual subscription for 5 pool companiesAnnual subscription for 10 pool companies
1 – 1005’000.- CHF1’700.- CHF1’000.- CHF500.- CHF
101 – 5007’500.- CHF2’500.- CHF1’500.- CHF750.- CHF
> 50110’000.- CHF3’500.- CHF2’000.- CHF1’000.- CHF

Coaching hours The hours can be used for all services
on the platforms. Unused hours can be
transferred to the following licence.
< 100 h200 CHF / h
101 – 200 h195 CHF / h
201 – 300 h190 CHF / h
301 – 500 h185 CHF / h
> 501 h180 CHF / h

Any questions?

We will gladly answer any questions you may have on our offer. You can reach us by phone on 052 624 09 10 or by e-mail under info@promovetm.com.

You can also use our contact form: