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In the past, a career involved working in one company for a lifetime.
Today, a typical career entails six changes of employment.
In the future, a career will consist of six jobs performed in parallel.
Which one is your career path?

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Since 1998, we have supported almost 40,000 people around the world in changing their career. These people have been instrumental in creating this programme for you.

Career changes

Regardless of whether you yourself have decided to make a change or whether change has been forced upon you, any career change raises a number of profound questions: How do I deal with the situation? How do I develop professionally? What can I do? What do I want to do? How do I position myself in the market? How can I use my network proactively? You will discover that you have more potential than you think. A new career direction opens up huge opportunities. Let the journey begin!

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Welcome to the career platform of the future!