Platform and talent pool

Two services make our offer unique: the platform on the basis of a licence and the talent pool.

Platform for companies

An annual licence gives companies access to different interaction formats, modular learning contents, tools and software to help employees to increase their transformation competence at all levels:

  • Career Manager:
    By means of modular learning content your employees have access to various formats circling around career questions.
  • Change Checks:
    Internationally validated tools help to strengthen the change competence of your employees, your leaders and the organization itself.
  • Workshops:
    Without additional costs, your employees can attend workshops around specific transformation issues. The workshops are held regularly in cities all around Switzerland.
  • Talent Pool:
    Your company has an exclusive access to our talent pool. This opens up an additional recruiting channel for you where you can revert to an extensive network of talents we have enhanced over more than 20 years.

Combined with an annual licence, hourly allotments are available at very favourable conditions. Hours can be used worldwide for all services (talent pool, change checks, skills assessments, coaching, team and organisational development, etc.) in currently 37 countries and with more than 300 coaches. Unused hours can be transferred to the next annual license. Companies can create their own homepage on the platforms and compose content and pages individually.

Rates 2020

Number of employees
of the company
Annual fee for the
ProMove TM-Platform
1 – 1005’000 CHF / year
101 – 5007’500 CHF / year
> 50010’000 CHF / year
Coaching hours The hours can be used for all services
on the platforms. Unused hours can be
transferred to the following licence.
< 100 h200 CHF / h
101 – 200 h195 CHF / h
201 – 300 h190 CHF / h
301 – 500 h185 CHF / h
> 501 h180 CHF / h

Your contact person for the talent pool

Do you have questions concerning the talent pool? Christina Kres and Arzu Bernardini are happily at your service:
+41 52 624 09 10
+41 52 624 09 10

Succinct skills assessment for individuals

Take your career into your own hands! You are deciding in which direction you want to evolve professionally.

Buy your own licence for your personal skills assessment. Your advantages at one glance:

  • You are having a Career Check / Employability Check
    with an individual debriefing by a coach
  • Unlimited access to all content on the platform
  • Free access to all our workshops
  • Interactive documents
  • Access to your our talent pool
  • Descriptive video-clips
  • Exclucive reduction on coaching fees

You get a short insight in the content of our platform here:

Your can purchase your licence for your individual skills assessment for only 490.- a year.