“How can we convert our company from a planning culture into an agile culture? ”

Ways to an agile organization

Ways to an agile organization

„Problems can never be resolved with the same mindset that caused them.“ Albert Einstein

In times of increasing volatility, instability and ambiguity - the well-known VUCA concept - existing knowledge doesn’t have the desired impact. To do more of the same and rely on the things we already know is an unproductive way to cope with a changing environment.

But there are other ways, too: We can learn to rely less on knowing everything and instead trust in the inherent self-healing power of our companies in the case of crisis.

• How can we convert our company from a planning culture into an agile culture?

• How can we orient our enterprise better towards VUCA challenges?

• How can we organize ourselves in a way that allows our employees to assume greater individual responsibility?

If you want to experience how to tap into the potential of your company in an agile manner, the Organization platform will provide you with useful tips which you can put into praxis.

Organizations in transformation

In times of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - the well- known VUCA formula - changes are no longer exceptional events but almost daily business.

How can people be encouraged not to reject change as a threat but - on the contrary - to support it? How can whole organizations be made to perceive change not only as something positive, but to live it?

An organisational coaching consists of a tailor-made and modular process that starts where the most effect can be achieved with as little resources as possible.


The market conditions are changing faster than ever before. Questions are becoming increasingly complex. Organizations that want to stay successful on the market and, at the same time, learn from change, have to adapt to it. Companies today basically react to VUCA by demanding agility on all levels: “Be agile!” is held up as the new guiding principle.

However, the receivers of the message frequently lack specific ideas and the freedom to “put agility into practice”. New organizational systems make it possible to shape organizations in order to overcome the bottlenecks of traditional hierarchical structures. Whoever wants to use the agile potential of the employees has to establish rules that allow small evolutional steps which not only allow more flexibility in the existing company structure, but also foster collaboration.

The Organization Platform offers you effective formats to help your company become more agile.

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The workplace of today is knowledge-based. Employees have the necessary expertise to act on their own, make decisions and assume responsibilities. However, traditional systems of organization and power tend to limit this potential.

New organization systems promote independent thinking and initiative for all employees, and allow companies to better use the potential of all employees with regard to knowledge and decision-taking. By creating new collaboration and transparency rules, employees assume responsibilities and solve problems in a decentralized way, directly where they occur.

The Organization Platform offers you effective formats empowering self-organization in your company.

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Leadership in VUKA-times

In VUCA times, traditional management methods tend to be less efficient, whereas, driven by insecurity, the controlling and reporting frequency increases.

Successful leadership in VUCA times means efficient energy management. Whoever succeeds in transforming the ever-increasing pressure in companies into positive energy, is able to empower people to exploit their potential without fear. This in turn allows better results with less effort and the opportunity to truly learn from change.

The Organization Platform offers you efficient formats to empower effective leadership in VUCA times.

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Organizational Coaching

Many transformation projects are focused on the process aspect only: Based on strategic objectives and clearly defined indicators, transformation must be reached within a given timeframe. However, experience has shown that it is difficult to motivate employees to achieve given targets, and even more difficult to reach specified deep transformations. That is why many transformation projects are ineffective.

Efficient transformation focuses on company culture. It makes it possible to convey meaning and create purpose together. Meaningfulness is not dictated top-down, but by involving all those who are supposed to experience purposeful work. Accordingly, companies which decide to become more agile involve their employees in the development of the transformation processes. Thus, they not only experience effectiveness, but also feel fully responsible for the solution they developed themselves.

Organizational coaching consists of a tailor-made, modular process which is deployed where the least effort is necessary to generate the biggest impact in the company.

The Organization Platform offers you efficient formats to empower your organization with transformation projects.

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