Hamsa Sankaran

Cisco Systems International Sàrl

“I would also like to thank you for all you have done for me, in particular helping me realise what I want to do, do not want to do and helping me achieve a peace and purpose in life that has been elusive in past years. My experience with you has been in many ways a turning point in my career. Thank you immensely.”

Coaching Manager

Erika Ingold

Leadlink HR Sourcing, Recruting & Talents, SBB AG

“Unic has been at my side as a reliable partner for several months. In HR Sourcing, Recruiting & Talents at SBB, I introduced the Holacracy organisational system and receive professional advice on the change and transformation process. Thanks to their professional competence, which is complemented by practical experience, we benefit from support with great added value for all those involved.”

Organisation Manager

Kerstin Weber-Sanguigno

Management of members, network & cooperations, CyberForum e.V.

“Thank you once again for your commitment and also your effort yesterday - it has all left a lasting impression. This is also reflected in the evaluation of the feedback: this is the best rating we have achieved in recent years!!! Hats off to you!!!”

Organisation Manager

Martin Berchtold

Project Portfolio, risk and process manager, SBB AG passenger transport

“Dear Ivo, that was a big hit. The interest in taking change into our own hands and using it to help shape the future has been awakened.”

Organisation Manager

Beat Fraefel

Senior Consultant, Fraefel & Partner GmbH

“Bravo, Ivo! Your calm analysis is extremely valuable for the objective distinction between hype and reality.”

Organisation Manager

Guido Capol

Senior Consultant & VP, Swiss Re

“I can only repeat that we thoroughly enjoyed the event with you, it was a complete success. I have received positive feedback from many participants and even, in some cases, concrete requests as to whether you would be interested in further sessions with other teams. ”

Organisation Manager

Lorraine Chandler

“I’d like to thank my coach for all his advice and guidance over the course of my coaching journey. It was great to know that Christof was always there, and you made me see quite a few things in a different light. A big thank you!”

Career Manager

Alex Junghans

“Many thanks to Mr Leuenberger for his support on my journey to my new job! Your input was very important to me. I’d like to wish you all the best!”

Career Manager

Thomas Senn

“I really appreciated the sessions with Christof Leuenberger; his personality, how he addressed the situation, but also the help I received helped me a lot. And as if to confirm the theory, I was able to start a new job shortly afterwards which I found through my network. Thank you very much for your support!”

Career Manager

Patrick Müllener

Head of business solutions, EMMI

“Dear Sandro, I’d like to thank you again for the great hospitality yesterday and the incredibly interesting day. I really enjoyed the day and I think my team did too.”

Career Manager

Stefan Bernsdorf

“Many thanks to my coach Christof Leuenberger for the group coaching in the workshops. I got a lot from it and was thrilled with the configuration of the group. On Christof's suggestion, we met again after the workshop to practice interviewing. I would also like to thank you for the professional and detailed feedback on my letter of application - my next motivational letter will be a hit!”

Career Manager

Eva Cabrero

“My coach Christof Leuenberger helped me figure out where my priorities in life are – from a professional as well as a personal perspective. He provided me with CLARITY and a more open vision of how to carry out my plans. The coaching was one of the best investments of my life. Thank you, Christof!”

Career Manager

Florian Vožeh

Configuration Manager, Swiss Federal Railways

“Following the closure of my place of work, where I had been employed for over 14 years, I was offered an opportunity to take part in a ProMoveTM outplacement programme. The workshops and the meetings with Michèle Schwarz-Rellstab, who acted as personal coach, were very rewarding. At the workshops, you get to know people who are in the same situation and you can talk about how you are dealing with it. During the personal coaching sessions, I was able to improve my self-image and refine my job application strategy. My coach had an excellent understanding of how to approach the issues and topics that I was avoiding. This helped greatly to improve my self-image, which had suffered as a result of the redundancy, and made me 'fit for the future'.”

Career Manager

Marco Araujo

Aurora Energy Investments AG

“The Career Coaching worked for me as a gym or a personal trainer that helped me develop myself as a strategic leader and gave me the opportunity to practice and acquire new habits. As a consequence, last year together with three other managing partners, I founded Aurora Energy Investments, which is a company dedicated to transitioning the world into renewable energy. Without the Career Coaching, I would not have done it!”

Career Manager

Cynthia Stampfli

Manager AORecon, AO Foundation

“I was looking for a way to get more feedback, more ideas, more insights. The Career Coaching really condensed it down to personal learnings and to being able to take myself one step further. The new perspectives really helped me to find my place in a very male dominated business world as a woman leader. It can be difficult to know where you’re at, to find your place and to know this is my spot, and it is ok to be here.”

Career Manager

Hans Rudolf Feuz

Head Group Sales LRV, Stadler Rail Management AG

“During my outplacement process, I found the personal and committed support of Mr Kres very rewarding, challenging, refreshing and motivating. We collaborated well together and I felt that we were on an equal footing. I can highly recommend his far-sighted, knowledgeable and multifaceted coaching.”

Career Manager

Caroline Omondi

Project Manager Sustainability, Varistor AG

“The Career Coaching gave me the privilege to reflect on myself and work with somebody who could challenge my thoughts, challenge my attitudes and just give me a different perspective of looking at things.
The most important thing that I took out of the project was to confirm that careers are not about being in a specific position or climbing the ladder, but about creating an impact in the world. After doing the career coaching, I got all the energy that I need to be able to see my dreams unfold just the way I always wanted them to.”

Career Manager

Christopher Bensch

Director Strategy & New Business Development, Philips AG

“Career Coaching is not an easy path, but it’s a path worth taking - so go for it!
It has helped me to shape the future for myself and to create a profile with which I can contribute my personal strengths. ”

Career Manager

Lara Osswald

Head of HR, Executive Insights

“Dear Michael, We would like to thank you for the valuable hours spent with you and look forward to staying in close contact. You showed - and opened - several doors for us and made our journey even more exciting.”

Organisation Manager

Reto Schönauer

“Thanks to the pleasant and professional cooperation, I was gradually prepared for my independence and was able to put aside practically all the associated fears and doubts I had... I would recommend the company ProMove TM, and especially Ursula Schneider, at any time.”

Coaching Manager

Reto Kron

“Dear Mr Kres, I am pleased to inform you that the person you coached has made a major step forward and her satisfaction with her environment, as well as with herself, has increased enormously. I really appreciate your contribution to this process.”

Coaching Manager

Heike Schmidt

“I’d like to thank you very much for your support, the inspiration I needed at the right times, valuable suggestions and approaches for my professional career. Our meetings were always a great asset and a motivation for me. GO WITH THE FLOW!”

Coaching Manager

Ronald Nau

“Roger Fistarol's extremely professional coaching has given me valuable support in my new career. Roger was both a supportive and demanding sparring partner, who showed me ways into a new professional orientation with precise analyses, targeted questions and pragmatic recommendations. Since it was the first time I had found myself in this situation, it was important to have a coach by my side who helped me get on the right track with his experience and empathy. After each coaching appointment I knew I had taken another step forward. Thank you for this, Roger.”

Coaching Manager