“How can I best use the chances of the digitalization?”

Ways to agile leadership

Ways to agile leadership

Digitalization transforms leadership massively. Leaders are facing new questions:

• How can I best use the chances of the digitalization?

• How do I replace plans by agility?

• How do I transform activism into transformation?

• How can I reduce open loops in management?

Digitalization opens up new perspectives in leadership. If we manage to reframe our own assumptions and to enlarge our management models, then leadership becomes agile. A coaching enables you to discuss your individual questions with an experienced coach from your region and empowers you to use your full potential in digitalization.

How do the ProMove TM platforms work?


Buy a licence for a year

You buy a licence and get online access to all services of ProMove TM. The licence entitles you to attend every workshop available on the platform.

Choose a service

As a platform customer, you can buy hours at very privileged rates to explore your individual questions with a coach.

Choose and book a coach

You log onto the platform with your personal login. Based on the desired criteria, you can choose a coach directly from our worldwide coach database, check the coach’s schedule and book a first meeting online.

What our clients say

Method box

On the ProMove TM Coaching Manager, coaches can access a so-called method box, which provides valuable inspiration for working with clients for every stage of the coaching process.

Method box for coaches

Depending on the stage of a coaching, coaches have the possibility to choose images or applications from a variety of methods for their own processes, which they can directly integrate into their documentation with their client. This significantly increases the quality of interaction with clients and the coaches can achieve highly effective results in a short time.

Individual extension of the method box

Coaches have the possibility to add their own methods to the existing ones. Thereby the ProMove TM Coaching Manager’s application range is continuously expanding for the benefit of the clients. Moreover, adding your own coaching methods helps boost a coach’s profile on the coaching manager. Depending on how intensely the method is used, the process owner of the method will be compensated by the ProMove TM Coaching Manager.

Maintain a direct dialogue with the coachee

At the beginning of the coaching process, the ProMove TM Coaching Manager offers coaches the possibility to create personal, confidential space for the exchange of data with their coachees. Coaches can document sessions with their client, provide information or exchange documents. During the coaching process, a valuable progress report is thus being created for clients, which remains a sustainable source of inspiration even after the completion of the process. At the end of the process, the coachee will receive all the data in a secure format and the space will be closed again.

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